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17 September 2005 @ 10:21 am
I commissioned Hellcorpceo via a furbid auction she had back in July and OMG I'm so glad I did!!! The finished product is BEAUTIFUL!! Each step was discussed and each thing was done marvelously. here's the finished product.

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05 July 2005 @ 11:45 pm
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"If you don't stand up for yourself, don't expect others to do it for you."

That's all think on it, sleep on it, maybe you'll understand someday if you don't already.
18 June 2005 @ 05:41 pm
We are a small community of furry artists who have watched and seen/experienced first hand the slings and arrows of persecution from fellow furry artists. The belief of freedom of expression has faded with the times and in today's society of individualism, the idea of a community has fallen upon deaf ears. In recent times the struggle for individualism has colonized a new disease of sorts among predominantly furry artist groups. The disease is pure and simply the idea of "style theft/Idea theft" usually causing unjustified and unfounded accusations and insults.

No member of this group here condones in any way shape or form art theft in its truest form; ie the taking of anothers work of art and claiming it as your own(be it by tracing or otherwise minimally altering the piece or simply reposting it with fraudulant intent).

We grow as artists by following the whims of self expression that come of our heart. We learn by the lessons taught by other teachers not excluding great artists of the past and contemporary masters of various forms. Be it our inspiration first came from the school of Disney or our love found in the beauty of nature, we stand together in the cause of creation. We should not fear persecution for what we choose to draw (this excludes any artwork that has been done with the specific intent to harm or insult another artist's name/reputation)

The belief that a style can be copyrighted has become a redundant argument that manages, succesfully, only to chase its tail in circles. It has turned friends against friends and every single furry artist into a potential target. The witchhunt has begun and no longer is any one safe from the almighty accusing finger. We respect the right of an artist to hold on to that which is most precious to them and defend those ideas as they have the right to do. We do not, however, support slander, insult, flaming or other disrespectful attacks on artists; this especially when there is no abundance of evidence to support the accusor's case of 'theft'.

This community is here to support those who have previously faced unjustified attacks upon their person, their artwork, and or their webpages. It is meant to be a safe havent for furries to fur-st support one another. We will do such in a peaceful respectful manner and without the use of: flaming, ill gotten rumors, name calling, slander, or other otherwise derogatory actions. Here you can find discussions on the topic of 'style theft/idea' in a friendly forum. You may discuss your past experiences or simply why you believe what you do. We also offer support to those artists that are currently facing harassment from fellow furry artists.

At present this community is welcome only to members that are invited (ie if you were directed here via e-mail/pm on deviant or sheezy etc). Once you are invited click 'user info' on top of this page. Once there click 'join community'. We will be notified via e-mail that you requested to join. One of our admins will verify your membership ASAP!


If you would like to apply give us the following info in this thread:

Your name, any aliases:

Link to your gallery(ies):

Any pertenant information regarding the flames, including emails, pms and journal entries(if you would prefer to privately apply, feel free to e-mail xxBalaaxx@yahoo.com or pm me at Balaa on Deviantart!):

I think this would better help us in assessing the level of support needed to be granted :D Regardless of the level of support, the poster will receive full unbridaled attention and many fluffs (courtesy of Nanook123)